Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Days 88, 89 & 90--- Project 365

Day 90, Wed., March 31 2010
A mean game of Slamwich!

Day 89--Tues., March 30, 2010
Tea for Two

Day 88, Monday, March 29, 2010
Jewels from a different angle


Maddie said...

Who was having the tea party? :D
Oh my goodness! Jules looks so old!! :(

meghan e. said...

That is a darling picture of Juliana! COULD the smile get any bigger??? :D

Taylor said...

Cute pictures...i especially like the last one! What a cutie! :D
Thank you for all the comments on my pictures!! I love getting comments!

Happy Easter!

saskimom said...

Thanks for the comments!
Maddie---the tea party was staged by Mia and Jewels :)