Saturday, May 15, 2010

365/135 Happy Bithday to Me!

This was my intention for the photo of the day
but.......Mia called me out to see "something"

And this was the "something" Nate wanted to share with me!

Yes it's blurry
to save those of you who are squeamish
Sabbath, May 15, 2010


HannahBeth said...

Eww! *scrunches nose* At least (I'm assuming!) it was dead!!! :)

Happy Birthday! :D I like the pic of you with some of the kids and Krista...neat! :D

Rick said...

Yuck! That's not a very nice present.

saskimom said...

Yes it was dead!
He wanted me to write that he thinks he heard cats fighting over it last night! :)

Taylor said...

Hope you had a great un! :D

Joy V. said...

Happy Birthday! and many more!!!

meghanmoore123 said...

Ohhh... I love the first picture!!! So cute!!! Hope you had a wonderful day! :)

saskimom said...

Thank-you All!!!