Thursday, June 10, 2010

365/161 and experimenting with my flash

This is what happens when I put my finger
over the flash.

This is with a piece of green paper.

And this is with a piece from a milk jug.

Thurs. June 10, 2010
This is Juliana not wanting to be left out!
With milk jug piece covering flash.


Taylor said...

Fun!!!! I love doin experiments with my camera...changin th settings and all that stuff! :)

Sam said...

Lol! I love that last pic of Jules. :D

Maddie said...

Those pictures are so cute! Especially the last one. :D
That's cool that you're experimenting with your flash! I've tried experimenting with my camera before, but by the time I get the pictures developed (it's an SLR, not DSLR :P) I forget which pictures I had "done things" to. :P I should probably keep a notebook or something, and write down what I did on each picture. ;)

saskimom said...

Thanks guys!!
Yes, Maddie you should keep a little notebook handy and record what you do! :)

HannahBeth said...

Haha! I love her expression in the last one! :D
I also really like the different results you got while experimenting with the flash!