Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sam's party---scavenger hunt

Samantha wanted a scavenger hunt for her
birthday party.......since she is turning 21
these are the 21 items of the hunt!

And the players...

The Edwards Sister

Not so serious.

The winning team!

2nd place

3rd place

The scavenger hunt group!

Team 1's proof
of getting a band-aid

Team 2's proof

Team 3's proof'

Great t-shirt!!!
One of her b'day gifts.

The birthday girl!


yes! without words! :)

Thinking hard

this is fun!!!

Sam & Amy

Joy, Sam & Amy

Joy & Sam

Maddie and Sam

Sam & Mary

Sam & Hannah

Sam & Meghan



meghan e. said...

:D Those are super great, Mrs. Skinner!

Maddie said...

Aw, I love those! Nice pictures. :D