Monday, March 7, 2011

More photos of Andrew & Caitlin

The first wedding in our family!
Andrew our 3rd born and 2nd son
married Caitlin on Feb. 27, 2011
Some of these will be repeats for
my facebook friends. Not all of these
were taken by me, a few by Krista
and the rest by my hubby Rick.
The above cake was the cake for
the rehearsal dinner, made to
look like their invitations.

Practicing their dance moves.

They are husband & wife
photo by Krista

signing the guest book which was
a daily calendar.
(this and the next 6 by me)

sorry for the poor quality
we were letting the professional
photographer take her photos
and I was snapping quickly

First dance as husband & wife,
they did a great job!

Clinking of the glasses
produces this! :)

Wedding cake!
Air Force duckie!

The next wedding~~ May 1st.!!!
photo by rick


Hopefully her wedding is still
a few years down the road!

We were able to have breakfast with the
bride and groom the next morning!!

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