Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cambridge & Boston Patriots' Day 2011

Samantha and I started our day in Cambridge.
We met up with our "guide" Kathleen and started
walking through Harvard and all its buildings.

Our faithful guide.......who takes pics too!

A chalkboard in Harvard Yard

So nice when your guide is willing to be your model too!

Cool store-front signs

The face building

I'm moving in next week!!

Mr. & Mrs. Mallard

We rode the swan boats for the first time!!

The trees were gorgeous!!

Bashka Paeff's "Boy and Bird", in the fountain on the west side of the garden, was made by a Russian immigrant who did the model of it while she was working as a ticket taker at the Park Street Station of the MBTA.

...or maybe I could move here.

for Julie Anne

Downtown Crossing


The gate into Chinatown

enjoying a park in Chinatown

An Irish immigrant memorial

bucking the system


meghan e. said...

Mr. and Mrs. Mallard is probably my favorite one. So many of these are gorgeous, though! I also love the one for Julie Anne! :)

Madeline said...

Those are AMAZING pictures! I love them!! :) That is so cool that you got to ride on the swan boat. :)