Sunday, May 15, 2011

134 of 365 Happy Birthday to Me :)

For my birthday
my hubby took me on an adventure
we took to the back roads
and came across
an apple orchard

perfect buds

May 15, 2011
the day I turned
51 or 15 backwards! :)

lovely mountain laurel

in spite of the rain
there were photos
to be taken

and we ended up in.......

we ended the adventure
at my favorite ice-cream farm
yes they grow ice-cream!!
Mocha Almond Assault is the fav!!


Taylor said...

Happy birthday! :) Looks like fun! I love adventures drivin down backroads! :) Great pictures of you and your hubby! Hope your day was amazing!

Joy V. said...

Yes, the Mocha Almond Assault is the best and a real treat for your birthday. God Bless You!!!

HannahBeth said...

Aw! That was so sweet, and such a special birthday adventure! :)
I really love the picture of the Dublin sign...that is really cool!
Happy Birthday again Mrs. S!!!! Miss you!!